DIY Fashion Book coming soon…to a bookshop near YOU

My Book. Yipeeeee!!!!

It has been a busy few months in sunny Watford. I have been mentally preparing for my book launch. ARGHHHHHHHHH! It has been quite a nerve-racking time. I am not really sure why, but, I think it is the fear of it all going wrong or the publisher suddenly changing their mind. Well, so far, so good. I have recieved my first copy and I could not be more happy with the results. I love everything about it. The layout is fabulous. The illustrations (by Laura Tinald) and the photography (by Dorota Beau-Ingle) has surpassed anything I could ever imagine.

When I wrote ‘DIY Fashion’, I did not really believe that someone would actually want to publish it. I just had a crazy, passionate idea and ran with it.
But now, with the launch only weeks away, the reality of it all is kicking in.
I have been throwing myself into other projects, Last week, I was building a set design in a ‘Mondrian’ style for a photo shoot for an Arabic Fashion Magazine. I have been decorating friends homes. I have been teaming up with my very good friend, Dorota, creating concepts and styling on photo shoots, customising furniture that has been left at the side of the road, aswell as preparing for the workshops that I will be running at the Vintage@Goodwood Festival…..and breath. Anything, but think about the fearfully looming book launch.
I know this is not my usually blog, but, normality will resume very soon.
Keep cutting, customizing and creating.!/pages/Dorota-Beau-Ingle/115965915898?ref=ts


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