a quick fix T-shirt to Tee dress

I stole this old Adidas t-shirt from my husband.
It was massive size XL. He never wore it as he said was a bit chavvy. So I decided to free it from the misery of the darkness at the bottom of the draw and re-design it in to a tee dress!
No T-shirt should be made to feel neglected and unloved.
This is a five to ten minute fix to rescue all unwanted tees from a life of redundancy.

Step One
Cut off the sleeve, just above the seam, to make it in to a vest shape. If you do not want the arm hole to be too low you can leave a section of the bottom of the sleeve on (split it down the seem edge and knot it) Do not throw the sleeves away, they will be needed.
Step two
Cut off the ribbed neck and then cut straight along the shoulder seem, so that the top of the tee is open.
Step Three
Take the discarded sleeves and cut them into two inch long strips. Make two holes in either side of the shoulders and thread two of the strips through and knot. This makes the shoulder straps.
If you want your new tee dress to be slightly fitted, you can make two holes just beneath the arm holes and thread some left over strips through, knotting on the inside and tieing at the back.

Happy fun!


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