Stylists of the Future

 The future just got brighter for young fashionistas in the UK.

A new intensive course for stylists has arrived at London College of Style with the most amazing opportunities for young creatives to learn, not only how to grasp the concept of a stylist, but actually get involved with some of the industries best and get experience of all areas  from the off.

I went along  for the meet and greet breakfast on the opening day to talk to the students about ‘customizing in styling’, as well as signing ‘DIY Fashion’ books for all the students. I was amazed at the opportunities that the college was offering.

This 12 week course had the students up and running on their first day with my  challenge for them to customize a plain white T- shirts, but first, they had an array of hardcore people in the ‘know’ to advise on how to  succeed as a stylist. These included Grace Banks from V style, Costume designer Gary Page, Television Director Matt Young, Saskia Osmond-Evans, PR Director of all online Arcadia brands and Zoe Cosby who is PR Director of Oliver Goldsmiths, but is also born into the heritage company Kent Brushes, and she really knows her stuff. But that is not all. The very savvy Wendy Elsmore, founder of London College of Style, a fantastic, personable teacher  is on hand at all times for advice, encouragement and endless knowledge of all areas of the fashion industry. Her profile is massive, working in television and with all the big fashion magazines. Jason Smith, celebrity hairdresser was fabulous with tips and tricks of the trade and made everyone feel relaxed and at ease with his gentle, inspiration, without an ounce of pretentiousness.

 After lunch the big surprise was announced. The students met with Kim Draper the GM at Denim Gods ‘Donna Ida’ to discuss creating displays for all their shop windows, with the winning team getting publicity and their first taste of notoriety. WOW, how many courses can offer this? I was jealous, I have to admit.

The course also includes shoots, day trips and loads of amazing chances to get out there and learn from the ground up. Get inspired and have a look at the fabulous t-shirts these guys produced for their first class. There really are head turners. Watch out for theses guys in the next 12 months. I am predicting big things.

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Mend and Make do? Not this year


I think that I made a mistake a few years back, when I started beating the drum about the old adage ‘mend and make do’. The one thing that nobody wants to do in a recession is ‘make do’. Young girls are looking more glamorous than ever and clothing has never been so chic, albeit primarily Primark!

So, about turn and start again. Mend? Yes! Make do? Never. The psychology of the society in recessive times, is to have a moan about the economic pressures, but look good never the less.. Is there a way to do this without draining your bank account and suffering the hideous charges that our banks levy on us for going overdrawn without prior permission? I think so. So, I am returning to the phrase ’Mend and make do’ and renaming it ‘Mend and make far better than it ever was’!.

Add sparkle to holes and dazzle to stains. Broken jewellery, bits of antique/old lace can be added to tops and skirts to give new life to older items. Clothing is rarely fit for the bin. You just need to find ways to hold onto it for a little while longer. I need a new top, £20, and I need a new pair of jeans, £40+. If you reinvent these items you could put that £60 away and put it towards something you might never dream of affording (those Christian Louboutin shoes or a luxury weekend away).
Make it fun, have a few friends round and re-create together. Creativity can flow best with company.
Happy Morphing.

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