Yule love being crafty this Christmas

It is that time of the year, again! Christmas is looming and although we are only slowly creeping towards the end of September, already the shops and advertisements are all aiming our attentions to the fact that Christmas is on its’ way.
I must admit, I have already purchased a few small items to stash away, but only because I saw a bargain and knew it would not still be there in December. So, over the next few weeks I will be suggesting ideas on money saving tips to make sure that you are not ringing in the New Year with just a shilling in your pocket.
Christmas Cards
Every year, whilst taking down the Christmas decorations, we always chuck all the cards into the tinsel box. So, this year why not recycle your old ones. Make them quirky, funny and individual. People will appreciate the effort and you can get the kids involved too. Shiny chocolate wrappers are good to use too.
Boxes of cards can be expensive. The larger charity shops have a great selection of good cause cards, which can help raise money for the charities, raise awareness for them and save some cash, KERCHING!. Packaging is usually lesser also, so environmentally better too.
You can design your own cards on your computer. So many companies are doing personalized cards, which are not cheap, but it is just as easy to scan in a picture and personalize it yourself. Last year we made cards from spare old school portrait photos, glued cotton wool and red card on (bought from the local pound shop) and made everyone look like Santa, it probably cost about 15p per card!
Saving money gives us a sense of euphoria and the same applies when you achieve and make something that is cool, clever or crafty. It is self satisfaction, Guaranteed.